2014 Speakers

Bengt Eliasson
Industry and Business Development, Retail and Consumer Products

Early-confirmed speakers:

Mattias Jonsson
Mikael Wintzell
Executive Vice President Sales Nordic and International
Mikael Wintzell is Deputy head of the Commercial division at Klarna. Mikael has extensive experience in the European Payment industry and formerly held positions as Sales Director andHead of Partner. Before joining Klarna, Mikael founded a number of companies within the retail and payment industry. More recently at Klarna, Mikael has focused on the expansion in continental Europe and Klarna's tremendous growth in Germany. When not on businesstrips, Mikael spends his spare time with his family and two children.


Alexander Arnessen

As a former management consultant and for 5 years, co-founder of Sprell – Norway’s leading children’s toy e-Commerce business, Alexander has both a theoretical and a hands-on and practical experience of logistics. In particular speed and Service delivery precision through out the value chain, and across all involved partners. Whilst keeping accurate information on stock level, which he feels is the biggest source of errors along with stock-picking accuracy. He specialises in managing customers expectations.

Thilo Bendler
Marketing Vice President
Otto GmbH & Co KG
Thilo Bendler Vice President Knowledge Management for Otto Group. Having moved into the role in 2012, Thilo's main responsibilities include consulting of all Otto Group Companies with a focus on Marketing, Sales, Assortment and Strategy. He also oversees organisation of Know-how Exchange for the Otto Group, and development and maintenance of the DACAPOi Best Seller data base.

Thilo graduated from Göttingen University with a Diploma in Economics.
Kåre Berenthz-Nicolaisen
Head of Digital Marketing
Kåre’s most exciting project was an online Christmas game; it was truly exciting because it skillfuly combined many different Omni-channel environments including the supermarket checkout, the email program and e-Commerce. This was nominated for 3 different categories at the 2014 European Loyalty Awards. The difficulties involved were mapping a meaningful consumer journey and then paving the way with technology. By addressing the consumer journey, touch-point by touch-point, he was able to create an effective system and a truly Omni-channel experience – it engaged more than 165,000 unique users in a 5 week period.
Karin Berg
Head of Social Media
Lidl Sweden
Karin has recently been working on a successful Social Media project “The Dill Restaurant Project”. Lidl created a successful new restaurant but didn’t tell consumers that it was their food in the restaurant, before allowing Social Media to enhance the restaurants reputation. The challenge was to let consumers know the quality of the supermarkets food – the Dill Project helped this by reaching new consumers through the spreading word of this project. On Youtube, "The Dill Restaurant Project" was the most viewed video in Sweden in the 1st week of October 2013.
Mirko Caspar, Ph. D.
Managing Director
Mister Spex
Mirko has recently introduced a new way to place and buy eyewear with Mister Spex. Eyewear is a fairly new product category to buy online, and in a rather conservative market, therefore he also wanted to come across as unique online player, selling the deepest and strongest branded assortment of eyewear. He has a particular focus on discovering the initial driver for online market adoption –price, assortment or something else? Through testing they have found solutions that work well for Mister Spex, leading it to become a German Pioneer.
Shehnaaz Chenia
Global e-Commerce Director
Shehnaaz’s experience spans the full-spectrum of digital where she has spent the last 11 years working for a number of consumer brands namely AOL, Microsoft, BSKYB, and Amazon’s Audible from on-line advertising sales right through to product development.  Now at The LEGO Group, Shehnaaz is trying to find new ways to excel LEGO’s e-Commerce proposition across an array of touch-points.  She is also excited to meet peers at the Nordic e-Tail conference to discuss challenges, best practices, and where e-Commerce is heading.
Monika Dagberg
e-Commerce Director
Monika is the e-Commerce Manager at Granngården, a retail company with109 stores, she is specialising in creating an Omni-channel strategy that reflects Granngården's reputation. She is also board member of INXL Innovation AB, she was previously the Country Manager Sweden for WhiteAway AS, the biggest whitegoods e-commerce company in the Nordic's.
Joakim Dymling
Online Sales Director
Consortio Fashion Group
Joakim started out as a web developer, building the Nordics largest e-Commerce store, before moving into online and performance marketing. Joakim enjoys the challenge of online sales and the changing e-Commerce environment. In particular, how can we best understand the customer and drive them to our store? The customer today uses many different devices and may purchase in a physical store or purchasing online, therefore Joakim is trying to work out how do we understand this behaviour to optimise our marketing spend.
Filip Eleverhøy
Nordic e-Commerce Director
Filip is just about to start a new job as Elkjøp’s Nordic e-Commerce Director, he previously worked for Net On Net as the Managing Director of Norway. Filip is experienced reorganising traditional businesses, reshaping them to meet new demands in digital channels. As well as working with products and services developed in digital media / channels which also requires experience with change management and cultural development. Including piloting, pioneer services as well as process-oriented service development and Brand positioning.
Dave Elston
Head of E-Commerce
Dave Elston has extensive retail and online experience at both HMV and Clarks. At HMV, Dave launched a number of exciting online initiatives before moving to Clarks. At Clarks, Dave set up the European eCommerce Operation 2 years ago, and has launched 4 localized websites as part of that set up, driving fantastic sales growth. He has a great understanding of how to bring IT, marketing and logistics together for the benefit of the customer, and is a passionate believer in the need for local implementation of a Global vision. Clarks is the world’s leading everyday footwear brand.
Nina Faulhaber
Editor in Chief
Nina has been working on turning ASOS's online fashion store into a daily content destination. This has given ASOS the possibility to add a new dimension to the website and bring our editorial approach to a whole new level. With the launch of a dedicated style news channel on the ASOS website at the core and first step of the project we extended our editorial team around the globe and started working like a global news desk. Being part of a global team of one of the first retailers to make this step was really exciting. The challenges emerged from a content perspective: Balance. Being truly global while having local relevance, staying true to the brand values while covering everything that's relevant to our audience, being non-biased like a news desk while showing relevant product to drive sales. Also developing new content formats, and finding ways of telling news stories with an ASOS angle. This project has increased traffic on thewebsite, more awareness in the market and eventually conversion.

Noelia Guinón
e-Commerce Director
Bjorn Borg
Björn Borg has a strong retail and wholesale focus, which is now becoming more e-Commerce centric and has become a primary business area. An effective e-commerce strategy requires efficiency, so Björn Borg the brand has implemented a new platform, with global payment solutions, a recommendation engine and fully responsive for all devices as well as a warehouse platform with logistic integration and a complete re-designing of bjornborg.com.

As the first eTail in the Nordics Noelia looks forward to meeting her Nordic colleagues to exchange experiences and discuss the future e-Commerce challenges.
Robert Gunnarsson
Social Media and Mobile Director
Ving Sweden
During the past year Robert has been working on getting more Ving employees involved in content creation for Social Media. With the implementation of Google Hangouts and continuing working with our staff driven Instagram relay at www.instagram.com/vingresor. He beieves this creates authenticity because this is what fans and followers really want to engage in. Robert uses Social Media primarily for inspiration and notices that this really gets our customers to dream and start planning their next vacation with Ving.
Christopher Häggström
Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Manager
Yves Rocher
Christopher has been part of the Nordic e-Commerce community for over a decade, delivering e-Commerce solutions to CDON.COM and Tele2 as well as working as a Management Consultant for e-Commercers focusing on turn-around and internationalisation. During his time at Euromaster, a Michelin company, he delivered a new Nordic Digital Strategy “going Omnichannel” which launched a Mobile site in three Nordic countries simultaneously. It applied a new business logic in the “Omnichannel”  direction, instead of just ”copying” the desktop site logic. This and some new insights from the mobile environment made at Yves Rocher will be the input for discussion in his Case Study Revolution.
Moritz Hau
Managing Director Germany
Moritz has recently been working out how to integrate old media (TV) with the ASOS website. To do this, ASOS had a juror on a fashion designer casting show, enabling ASOS to put a face to the brand for two hours every week on TV. Resultantly, ASOS was showcased to hundreds of thousands who had never visited the website before. Meaning the website must keep performing during periods of intense traffic and finding new ASOS ‘content-angles’. Whilst adapting to traffic and sales spikes, more awareness in the market, better site stability and a bigger Editorial team.
Peter Keerberg has worked for many years with IKEA both on a European and Canadian level. This retail journey was completed on a Global level as CEO for IKEA Communications AB. This has given him a full and integrated understanding of the complete retail chain from the idea of a product. Following this extensive retail experience at one of the  largest global retail brands, Peter moved into eTail as the CEO for Komplett AB. He is now the CEO for Jotex AB (The leading Nordic home furnishings eTailer) and Jotex was the winner of the Web Service Award 2013, in the e-Commerce category. The web service award is nominated to the sites that the visitors consider to have the highest quality.
Wilko Klaassen
Global e-Commerce Director
Wilko is an e-Commerce, digital, shopper marketing and Multi/Omni Channel expert and experienced global business manager. He is Global Online Director for Husqvarna Group and formerly Global e-Commerce Director at LEGO Group. In 2011, he finished his Executive MBA and obtained an MBA degree from a consortium of 6 European universities. Wilko specialises in business development with focus on seamless consumer interactions across different (online) touch-points to drive conversion.
Genevieve Kunst
Managing Director
ShopStyle Europe
Genevieve has spent more than 14 years working across Europe in the e-commerce and mobile industries. She joined ShopStyle from Thomas Cook Online, where she spent over two years as its Director of Supply and Merchandising. Prior to this, she held multiple digital roles at Amazon, including Head of Business Development, Digital Media, for Amazon Europe, rolling out its Look Inside product and launching Kindle internationally. Other positions in Europe included roles at T-Mobile, Bertelsmann and the start-up Vitago.

She started her career in her native U.S. working for her family’s textile business, Fabri-Quilt, and after graduating with an MBA/MA from The Wharton School and The Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, joined A.T. Kearney as a management consultant.

Pascal Lannoo
Head of Mobile Business
Directeur du Business Mobile chezVoyages-SNC.com, PascalLannoo compte parmi lespionniers du Digital en France, dès 1999 il intégrait des structures de ventesen ligne (Uniondream, Clust, …) avant de devenir consultant en e-commerce,et marketing digital, thématiques pour lesquelles ils intervenait tant enFrance qu’à l'international (Ford, Redcats, Advancia Negocia, IRSN, Cengeps,Lapeyre). Depuis 2011 il pilote l’activité mobile d’un des majeursm-commerçants de France.
John Lawson
Third Power Outlet (3PO) - ColderIce Media
Mixergy calls him a “power seller.”American Express hawks him as their “featured businessman.” Startup Nation says he’s the “savviest” in Social Media and Small Biz Trends named him “influencer” of the year three years in a row.Amazon even had his book at number one!

John is also the founder of ColderICE eCommerce Education, an education, training and consultant agency and ColderICE Media, a digital marketing firm; both headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jussi Lindberg
Vice President Business Development
Jussi is responsible for expanding partner and merchant relationships and helping client organizations grow their businesses through innovative payment solutions and global payment options with Adyen’s single platform and integration. Prior to joining Adyen, Jussi worked at PayPal, expanding the channel partner portfolio and spearheading innovations for PayPal in Scandinavia.

Over 12+ years, Jussi has held leading positions within sales, management, marketing and business development, mainly within the insurance and e-commerce industries.He is in his element when meeting people and helping customers identify what they really need from the payments function.

Pouria Loghmani
Nordic e-Commerce Director
Pouria is currently building an e-Commerce platform from scratch for the largest e-Tailer in the Nordics. A platform based heavily on recommendation technology and user behaviour. The system is to be launched in September but has received positive feedback from the internal tests. He is ultimately hoping for a better customer experience by meeting the customers’ needs through providing a streamlined and adaptive e-Commerce solution. Pouria is excellent at understanding the personalisation of Websites and is implementing this for Dustin. He is also on the Advisory Board for eTail Nordic 2014.

Anders Lunde
Head of Social Media
Anders has overall responsibility for JYSK Nordic’s social media presence which involves the development of social media strategy, integration of social media initiatives in overall marketing mix, roll out social media in selected JYSK Nordic countries, staff management of social media coordinators and reporting of results to JYSK Nordic BOD. He plans to make social media a more integrated part of the overall marketing mix.
Fredrik Norberg
Co-Founder and CMO
Co-founder and CMO of Fyndiq, the marketplace for the merchants, and the Bargain Super Store for the consumers.

As a co-founder of Fyndiq, Fredrik has tried many online and offline activities. Much of it with a negative result, which has given him a thorough understanding of the importance of data management in order to improve the marketing efficiency; one of the keys to online success. A big challenge is to take Fyndiq abroad and make it a huge success on the European market.Fredrik hopes to gain experience from a Nordic e-Commerce perspective at e-Tail. He is interested in the differences and similarities between the different countries.
Marius Ørvik
Head of Digital
Marius is working hard to make the retail site mobile. In Norway, a lot of retailers don’t have mobile sites, therefore they are one of the first and receive new-testable data on what is required from the mobile world. The challenge is measuring how this is valuable, because of the long conversion rates and the disconnect between mobiles, stores and the internet.
Henrik Oscarsson
After finishing his MBA in 1994 he started out as a manager for a ceramics distribution hub in Aachen, Germany. In 1997, Henrik moved back to Sweden to join a company within the Sony family.  In 2002, he was hired by Activision as General Manager to establish the company’s operations in the Nordics.  For the past seven years he has been working with e-commerce as CEO of Discshop.  The main challenge he faces is the rapidly declining market for physical movies (DVD’s and Blu-rays).  He has recently been promoted to COO of Adlibris and he hopes to gain interesting insights from other businesses as well as expanding his network of senior e-Commerce professionals.
Anders Rahr
e-Commerce Director
Tiger of Sweden
Anders has been heavily involved in Tiger of Sweden’s new Omni-channel project, which includes a ‘Ship From Store’ function. This is a vital feature and starting point to enabling Tiger of Sweden’s Omni-channel strategy. This proved difficult through the logistic problems of moving items through the stores. However, they can now match consumers with products more easily and boost sales.
Casper Remmer Jeppesen
e-Commerce Director
3 Mobile

Casper Remmer has more than 8 years experience within e-Commerce and Digital Marketing from both web-shop startups, web-agencies and most recently sport clubs and mobile-operators. Currently Head of e-Commerce at Danish mobile-operator 3, Casper is dedicated to transforming the organization towards digital with a strong commercial focus. Previously Casper headed up the online-team of Denmark’s largest online-only mobile-operator TELMORE (Part of TDC-group), where he amongst other things succeeded in steering online through an intense IT-turnaround, with a new platform to follow.

Johan Sävenstrand
CTO & e-Commerce Director

Johan has been working closely on optimizing the recommendation and search engine on the Ginza site, using cutting edge software to create a great customer shopping experience. He achieves this by showing relevant content to every customer and offering a high degree of personalisation to the website. As a result, Ginza has seen an increase in sales from recommendations and landing pages.

Anders Stensønes
Anders is the Analytic expert for Apotek 1 Gruppen AS, he works with maintaining and managing the corporate Intranet and website. In particular he is responsible for SEO/SEM - promoting Apotek 1's website and managing development projects with data and information.
Svante Tegner
Svante is proud to lead Bubbleroom into the retail sphere in a new-offline retail concept, which they have recently begun - to go alongside their well-known online brand; creating a truly Omni-channel business. In particular, Svante is excited to meet their customers in real life, getting real time feedback on their products - helping Bubbleroom grow as an online company as well.
Henrik Tingwall
Head of Online Sales
Henrik has been involved in the development and launch of Apoteket's mobile service for buying prescriptions. Apoteket is the first company to release a mobile offer for handling prescriptions. To achieve this he had to proof the concept with regulatory authorities. Henrik successfully launched the mobile offer on time and became runner-up for “most useful mobile service” in Sweden 2013.

Arnaud Vanpoperinghe
"Diplomé de l'Essec, Arnaud Vanpoperinghe débute sa carrière chez Total aux Etats-Unis avant de rejoindre KMPG Audit et Conseil, exerçant dans les domaines de l'Internet et des Médias. En 2000, il rejoint le Groupe 3Suisses en tant que Directeur du Marketing Produit puis dans la Direction Internet du Groupe. En 2008 il est nommé Directeur Général de 2xmoinscher.com.

En 2010, Arnaud Vanpoperinghe entre dans le monde de l'entreprenariat en rejoignant le fondateur de tikamoon.com, rénovant le site internet et déployant la marque en France, Allemagne et Royaume-Uni. Le site a été salué par un prix de Meilleur Espoir eCommerce en 2012.

Il siège dans différents conseils d'accompagnement d'acteurs du e-commerce français et et membre fondateur de l'association de Cht'e-commercants qui regroupe les entrepreneurs du e-commerce en région Lilloise"

Mercedes Vidal Lobato
Head of Global Web and Digital
Mercedes has recently been enhancing the IKEA multichannel transformation roadmap, which introduces new web and digital capabilities; including e-Commerce. This is a big step for IKEA, who are making the move from a very successful single channel retailer with the store, to multichannel in all dimensions; including people, processes and tools. This is taking 3 years to complete with the first implementation during the summer of 2014 in the UK and IE.
Steve Wind-Mozley
SVP eCommerce
BBC Worldwide
Steve Wind-Mozley is passionate about exploring the 5 ‘C’s (commerce, customer, content, context and conversion) within the e-Commerce arena. Steve has held a variety of Online jobs including 7 years in FMCG, launching Marks & Spencer’s online business, pioneering its digital marketing activities, leading Lloyds TSB’s Internet Banking digital marketing, running a web analytics agency and being Game Group plc’s e-Commerce Director have only added to this passion. Steve is currently Senior VicePresident, e-Commerce for BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, where his focus is to develop  direct to consumer relationships, thereby deepening fan engagement and closing the customer insight loop.
Kristoffer Ewald
Group Director Digital Intelligence & Analytics Services
Member NetBooster Group Strategic Committee
Kristoffer Ewald is an internationally recognized digital strategy and marketing specialist with 17+ years of experiences.

His career have included a web agency called Silvertags in the happy days of pre 2000 internet, NXT@Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies to incubating THNK, an innovation consultancy that sold to Saatchi & Saatchi in 2003. Later he launched The Milk, a first mover on digital strategies consulting focused on usability, behavioural and programmatic modelling and analytics, later acquired by NetBooster Group – Europes largest independent performance agency.

Kristoffer now leads a cross boarder team that delivers data-driven optimization strategies to strategic clients, and heads the NetBooster DMP Platform GroundControl development. Also, Kristoffer has been active in the Digital Analytics Association since it's early days. Kristoffer was a founding member of the board at Assoc. of Danish Digital Agencies.

Kristoffer is a very popular and well received international speaker with well over 100 talks on his path. He lives with his wife and two young kids in Copenhagen where he rides his bike to work and dreams of the days when there was still enough free time to go adventure racing.

Karl Philip-Lund
Karl Philip(KP) is considered one of the main online competences in Scandinavian e-commerce. He has helped over 30 companies boost their online sales. By focusing on getting the job done, he  inspires e-commerce web teams, student and business entrepreneurs. He is a frequent lecturer on e-commerce events and he teaches digital marketing at the Oslo School of Management. He creates success stories at www.kingspoint.no
Frederic Saigne
Managing Director
Sociomantic Labs
Frederic Saigne is an experienced senior manager with more than 12 years of digital marketing andentrepreneurial experience. He began his career in Berlin’s digital industry,where he worked in various sales and business development roles until 2003,when he started Free Network – a Stockholm-based consultancy. In 2007, FreeNetwork was acquired by zanox, a leading performance marketing network, wherehe served as the regional director for Scandinavia and in 2011 also assumedresponsibility for the Eastern European region, managing teams in Stockholm andWarsaw. He joined Sociomantic Labs in 2013 to lead growth and development inthe Nordic Markets.
Per Svanstrom
Head of Digital Business
Ellos Group
Per has worked with some of the biggest sites and biggest brands in the world during his 17 year career as a consultant. He is a Google analytics certified consultant with  AB testing, MVT testing and Online Marketing developer among his fortés. Currently responsible for all the external traffic to the site at Ellos. Per has also conducted several hundred SEO Projects without failure -with his greatest project increasing traffic by 1700% in 7 weeks. Per is also on the Advisory board for eTail Nordic.
Hjalmar is the co-founder and CEO of Wrapp, a shopping app that connects users and their friends with the best offers from the most relevant brands for them. Wrapp partners with retailers such as H&M, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle Outfitters as well as many trendy, and up- and coming e-commerce companies and let them connect directly to consumers phones, and wallet to drive (repeat) sales.
Prior to Wrapp, Hjalmar co-founded and was the CEO of Rebtel, the worlds largest independent mobile VoIP company, where he still serves as chairman. In 1994 Hjalmar co-founded and was the CEO of Sendit, the world first mobile Internet company, acquired by Microsoft in 1999.
Today, Hjalmar also serves as an advisor to EQT Partners and Creandum, is a member of the board at Springer, and an angel investor in iZettle and EpidemicSound.

Ola Stromberg
Industry Expert
Soren Meelby
Marketing Director
Lars F. Nielsen
Co-Founder and SVP Technical Marketing
Sitecore Corporation
Jean Pierre Shamwass
Sales Manager
Bicky Carlra
Executive Vice President
Bengt Eliasson
Industry and Business Development
IBM Nordics
Jan Soerensen
e-Commerce Specialist