Wilko Klaassen Global e-Commerce Director

<span style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;">Wilko is an e-Commerce, digital, shopper marketing and Multi/Omni Channel expert and experienced global business manager. He is Global Online Director for Husqvarna Group and formerly Global e-Commerce Director at LEGO Group. In 2011, he finished his Executive MBA and obtained an MBA degree from a consortium of 6 European universities. Wilko specialises in business development with focus on seamless consumer interactions across different (online) touch-points to drive conversion.</span><br />

Day 1 eTail Nordic: Unleashing Your Omni Channel Potential

09:50 AM The physical store and the website: What are the critical success factors for a seamless ‘online’ and ‘offline’ retail brand?

16:30 PM DRILL DOWN ROUNDTABLES - Region by region: Strategies for success

United States of America
With: Wilko Klaassen, Global Online Director, Husqvarna

With: Thilo Bendler, VP Knowledge Management, Otto Group (Germany)

With: Arnaud Vanpoperhinge, CEO, Tikamoon (France)